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"Simply: I think everything sounds awesome. We lucked out in getting him (Godfrey) to mix these!". - MOBY

"The track you mixed for us: 'Radio Perfecto' sounds as slammin as ever, right down to when you download an mp3. The sign of a great mix!" - GOODFINGER

"He sat me down and reminded me of my strengths and what people found in my music. He restored my belief!". [Anthology liner notes 1996] - BILLY SQUIER

Lou Reed / Coney Island Baby - "It was a propitious meeting. Diamond was a consummate producer and possessed of the sort of non-judgemental seriousness calculated to appeal to Lou's perfectionism. . . The combination of the two qualities allowed Diamond to give Reed the best production he has ever had in the studio. Diamond was aiming to re-establish Reed's commercial credibility without sacrificing his artistic integrity. Even today, 'Coney Island Baby' sounds unflawed, perfect in its balance of harmonies, and it remains for me the finest solo album that Lou Reed has put out in his long career. " - Waitin' For My Man, Jeremy Reed

"It's perfect my man, really sick! You nailed it. Listened last night and on subway just now, it's done. I'm completely thrilled with it, amazing f'n job!!" - David Bronson, on a recent mix

"When you pour your heart and soul into your music, you hope it will come across to the listener. Godfrey hears your song. He gets what you're trying to convey and he makes it happen in the best possible way; you will truly never sound better! !" - AMERICA'S SWEETHEART

"Truth be told, I'm always raving about Godfrey Diamond. Besides his amazing ear, professional skills, technical knowledge, visionary power and invaluable experience, his working method is thorough and meticulous and the passionate energy he infuses into his projects is positively inspiring. His dedication to the creative process will always go the extra mile...with plenty of laughs to share along the way. Don't get me wrong, Godfrey has a tough-love approach that will work you hard and challenge you to produce your best, but he gets things done and it's all worth it in the end. Trust me, and you'll soon be a believer, too.!" - SWOON

"Godfrey brings out my best in the studio - he gets that 'money' take outta me" - ROB CLORES (keyboardist for The Black Crowes, Enrique Iglesias, John Popper & Colin Hay)