September 9 2022

biGDream: "Everybody's High"

It's the exclusive world premiere release of "Everybody's High" on VENTS Magazine Come celebrate with us!

August 2022

biGDream: "Everybody's High"

The biGDream website is now live, come visit

Summer 2022

minions @godfrey_diamond on instagram

Did you catch "More, More, More" in "Minions: The Rise of Gru"?
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Fall 2021

Tape Op Magazine tape op interview Godfrey Diamond>/a>

Check out our interview in Tape Op Magazine

Fall 2014

Finished Dave Bronson's third album: "Questions" due in January 2015 (check out the promo video)
One of the highlights of this project was getting to work again with Robin Clark, one of my all time fave vocalists. She came to the project via Gordon Grody who also added backgrounds and arrangements.
Another thrill was working with the legendary Carlos Alomar who added guitar and background vocals. Robin and Carlos brought in daughter Lea Lorien to round out an awesome background section. For anyone not familiar with this duo; they made up part of the team that created the Young American's sound for David Bowie back in the day.

Clark, Alomar, Bronson, Perfect Mixes
Carlos Alomar, Godfrey Diamond, Robin Clark, Lea Lorien, David Bronson

Additional activity in the studio this year:
Cut basic tracks for the Sweetheart's new album
Finished the Family Man EP
Continued recording for Foxy's new project
Mixed Razia Said's 3rd album
Recorded electronica band Grassmass (Rodrigo Coelho and Eyal Marcovici)

Razia Said Perfect Mixes
Rzia Said, Godfrey Diamond, Jamie Ambler

January 2014

We are finishing up overdubs and are about to mix the 3rd David Bronson album
We're cutting tracks for Foxy - great local band (basics recorded at The Mansion)
Working with Isaiah Weiss and Robbie "Seahag" Mangano on the first Family Man EP (basics recorded at The Mansion)
We're doing overdubs and mixing solo artist Erik Rex's new album
Finishing up 5 songs for Beckenstein/Brown: Inch by Inch
Did a mix for Oaks and Smith


June 2013

This month we started preproduction on Dave Bronson's third album. Check out this video clip from one of our rehearsal sessions at CMS with Dave on guitar & vocals, Robbie Seahag (Mangano) on bass, Lautaro Borgos on drums and yours truly adding a bit of percussion


Spring 2013

I've always had a fascination with the making of "Exile On Main Street" ever since I heard stories of how the Stones wrote and recorded it in a mansion in the South of France by pulling up a mobile studio so they could take advantage of living and working together in this idyllic location and capture the unique sounds from the basement of Villa Nellcote where they spent the summer '71.

After reading "Life"; Keith Richard's autobiography and seeing rare pictures of this era, my interest was reignited and I decided to try to visit Nellcote myself. I knew I might only be able to glimpse it from the outside since by all accounts the grounds are gated and inaccessible, but lo and behold on arrival the gates were open and we were able to grab some rare snaps of this legendary mansion.


Happy New Year 2013

Here's what's been happening since our last update:

Dave Bronson released his debut album "Story" which was mixed at Perfect Mixes; you can check out all his videos here. Dave is already back in mixing his second album with us.

We finished recording and mixing Josh & Dem; look for that release soon.

Foxy is in the house recording new tracks.

And here's a fun studio video from the Gabriella Hook sessions last summer -


October 2012

Perfect Mixes just got a whole lot more perfect !!!


We've all heard about the advances that have been made in the digital audio world and here at Perfect Mixes, we did expect to hear an improvement when the new Pro Tools|HDX was installed - but I can honestly say that we were blown away by the richness and tone of these new converters coming through our vintage Neve console. Digital recording has truly hit a new plateau and we invite you to come experience it for yourself. If you have a new project or just want to have a listen, give us a call.

And for those who want gear pron, here's the skinny:
We now have the latest Pro Tools|HDX AVID system as well as a 12-Core Mac Pro and a UAD-2 Quad DSP card. This allows us to offer you the legendary EMT plate along with a multitude of other classic plug-ins.

This is currently the fastest and greatest sounding gear any musician, engineer or producer could hope for. (But in your excitement, don't forget about the awesome analog & tube gear that Perfect Mixes has always been known for.)


September 2012

We finished Matthew Kiss' first album, Black Hound Sessions, which is available now; and are currently recording/mixing Josh & Dem, new Gabriella Hook demos, and David Bronson's 2nd album, among others. Stay tuned for news about our major studio upgrade.


July 2012

Gabriella & I met the summer of 2010 when she was busking in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. A year later we started production on her first album; Build a Storm which I am happy to announce, has just been released. Below is the first video.


Gabriella & Godfrey
Gabriella & I in Montreal for her release party

April 2012

A lot has happened since Perfect Mixes Recording Studio moved from Williamsburg to the Brooklyn Museum area.
We've recorded and mixed tons of great music and discovered some fantastic new artists including:

  • Gabriella Hook
  • Matthew Kiss
  • David Bronson
  • Nova Social
  • Project Trio
  • Foxy
  • Diamondsnake - Featuring Moby
  • Duchess Leo
  • Miranda Inzunza
  • Kevin Steele
  • Sherman Ewing (2nd album w/Perfect Mixes)
  • Swoon (2nd album w/Perfect Mixes)
  • Razia (2nd album w/Perfect Mixes)
  • Miss Tess
  • Heroeck
  • John Wills
  • August Glory

To hear to samples from these artists check out Godfrey's Reel