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Whether you're laying down a lead vocal, a moody cello, crunchy guitars, or of course full on band tracks; the decisions you make with respect to mics, pre amps, placement and A-D converter all play an important role in reaching your desired sound. At Perfect Mixes our arsenal of top quality analog & tube gear gives you the ability to freely make these choices without compromising the sound you are looking for. Once you start recording, all sound will pass through our vintage Neve console giving your tracks the warmth of analog before it hits the top of the line A-D conversion with our Pro Tools|HDX system.


MIXING: No one leaves without a perfect mix

You've recorded your songs and you have mixes but it's just not happenin' - you know your songs could sound better!

The problem could be one of a number of things or a combination of any of them. . .
Maybe you have recorded and mixed everything on the same gear, in the same room and the sound is too one dimensional.
Maybe the room you're working in is not well balanced and when you get your mixes home, they are too bass light or too boomy.
Maybe you need a set of impartial, experienced ears to analyze if the sonic landscape is too processed or not processed enough.

Enter Perfect Mixes

Mixing, like playing an instrument is a craft; over time you develop a tool set that allows you to evaluate tracks, pinpoint parts that detract from the overall impact of your songs and create a sound faithful to the inspiration that led you to record in the first place.
From the minute we bring up your tracks you'll notice the warmth and punch of our Neve console, already your music sounds different and new possibilities become apparent. This in combination with a great set of ears, lots of tube gear and an acoustically designed room are the ingredients for a perfect mix!



Whether you are a full band or a singer/songwriter, along every step of the recording process there are a multitude of decisions to be made; these can involve song writing, arrangement, finding the right musicians, finding a studio, bringing out the full potential of a performance, mixing etc.

As a producer, I can help you with all or any of these aspects. My studio philosophy has always been to create an environment where the artist has the freedom to explore their full potential and realize their finest performances. My primary goal is to capture the spontaneity and freshness of a live performance while exploring the possibilities of the studio environment.



Below are a sample of questions we are asked everyday at Perfect Mixes. You might not need our studio services at the moment but you still may need some help. If you find yourself wondering what to do next or just want to run your songs/project by a pair of seasoned ears, give us a call. Even if you are not ready to record, we are here to help. (Of course, if your consultation leads to a session at Perfect MIxes, our fee will be applied towards your studio time.)

  • I'm a singer/songwriter, can I just come in and record my songs or do I need a band?
  • These are my songs - am I ready to record?
  • Can you critique my songs?
  • I don't like the guitar (or drum or vocal) sound on the tracks I just recorded, what can I do?
  • A friend recorded tracks for me and when I bring up the session, ProTools says I have missing files all over the place, what do I do now?
  • Are these songs finished or do they need more production?
  • My record sounds too busy, is it over-produced, where do I cut the fat?
  • Are these mixes good enough to release?
  • What do I do next?